We go camping.

Yep. You read that right. Once a year, we close down our church building, move out to Lake Michigan, and camp together. For a whole week. Sometimes longer. The whole church community. Mic drop.

We help each other.

That’s not some spiritual platitude. Not at Pathway. When Kim needed a wheelchair ramp, it got built. When Lynn needed a new roof, we tore the old one off and put a new one on. When Don wanted a [...]

We participate.

Pathway is not a Sunday-only kind of place. People here are pretty engaged. In fact, every few weeks we have an open participation service. You know those uncomfortably long moments of silence [...]

We eat together.

If there’s anything we like to share together at Pathway, it’s a meal. We actually have a Festival of Food. Every month. Meals matter. Grace matters. We believe they’re linked.

We love kids. And it shows.

When little kids make noise, they’re often hushed. Especially in a sanctuary. But at Pathway, we welcome and celebrate those sounds. We value kids. We include kids. We invest in kids. There’s a [...]

We pray. All the time.

Pathway is chock-full of people who have been profoundly impacted by the prayers of others. It’s true. We have this crazy emphasis on prayer. And it shows up in hundreds of ways. If you ever [...]

We have fun.

Play seems to be a priority at Pathway. We don’t take ourselves too seriously. And if there’s something to celebrate, we’re all over it. We have Nerf nights, Super Bowl parties, and countless [...]

We make music… together.

That doesn’t seem too extraordinary. But at Pathway, making music is not left to the professionals while the rest of us watch. We have several deacons of worship, each with their own style and [...]

We worship creatively.

On most Sundays, it’ll seem pretty normal — although, nothing is totally normal at Pathway. There are those Sundays when our Creative Team will interrupt and encourage us with something [...]

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